Sovereign Program

Ready to go all in on your dreams?

You know all the "woo stuff" works but don’t want to spend all day meditating. This membership program was born with a simple foundational practice in place to make the woo work for you (in less than 20 mins per day). Join the waitlist to claim an early-bird discount!

As someone who has dealt with anxiety for years, I found Loren to be a calming voice that gives you the tools you need.  And learn to work with your anxiety not against it.

-Stephanie, Stephanie LaTorre Designs

Loren is an amazing teacher. She takes you into this journey from feeling overwhelm to this calm and peaceful place. This course has help me so much and now I'm living my dream life.

-Priscilla, Creative Dreamers Co.

Loren is simply magical. She takes you by the hand and leads you in a caring and loving manner through her wonderful steps towards your dream life. What an awesome guidance.


So much more than I expected. This isn't some quick fix solution or bandaid. She takes you on a journey to tap into how you really want to feel in life and how to use anxiety to propel you forward.

-Kristin M.

The Sovereign Program is perfect for you if...

  • Ready to put yourself (& your dreams) first!
  • Want to really get to know who you are for the first time.
  • Learn to finally trust yourself & intuition.
  • Have the courage to start something new & jump into the unknown.
  • Finally make full body F-YEAH decisions with ease.
  • Gain the clarity & confidence to live your authentic life.
  • Become the leader of your life. It's time to stop playing around... this is the lifetime to up-level yourself, your lineage and humanity!

It has helped me with taking control of my fears and moments when I am experiencing anxiety.

Taking time out in the mornings and visualizing has helped me to focus in on how my day will align with my goals that I have set for myself. This is an absolute must have!!!!

-Dr. Yudi

I help ambitious (& woo) women harness their power!

Allowing you to be in your full feminine force. Safe to be seen, lead and be your full self.

My method incorporates breathwork, movement & visualization to unleash your energy for you to reclaim unlimited power.

You hear the calling of your soul to shine more, but what’s keeping you from living that reality? It's time to step outside your head and into your true magnetic and mystical self.

Sovereign Program Begins End of July 2023

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