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Heavenly Pennies: Unlocking the Magic of the Universe with Malissa Grimsley | Episode #268 of Witchy Wellness Radio

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Discovering the Magic Within: An Inspiring Conversation with Malissa Grimsley


Welcome back to another amazing episode of Witchy Wellness Radio! I'm your host Loren, and today we have a special guest that will inspire and empower you on your spiritual journey. Joining us today is Malissa Grimsley, a yoga instructor, Reiki master, and spiritual influencer. We'll be delving into all things spirituality, Reiki, yoga, and Malissa's new book, "Pennies from Heaven."

Malissa has always been a firm believer in a higher power since childhood. She's had encounters with psychic phenomena and has coined her faith in something more. She shares her remarkable story and how she's called to help others hone their own spiritual gifts. Malissa believes that everyone holds the key to their own special talents as long as they are open to receiving, trusting the process, and embracing their true selves.



Embracing the Unseen

In our conversation, Malissa shares how she discovered her spiritual gifts and fine-tuned them throughout her life. Since childhood, she had a deep knowing and would hear voices and feel connected to a higher power. However, life's distractions and relationships pulled her away from embracing her true potential.

Malissa's journey led her to reconnect with her gifts in high school, where she engaged in practices and rituals that allowed her to tap into her higher self. However, it wasn't until she hit a rock bottom moment in her life that she fully embraced her gifts again. Through meditation, dream analysis, and self-reflection, Malissa recognized the signs and started on her path towards yoga and Reiki.


Trusting the Process

Malissa emphasizes the importance of listening to our intuition and taking inspired action. She advises us to trust the messages we receive, even if they seem unconventional or go against societal norms. Following our own unique path and leaning into what brings us joy and fulfillment is crucial to embracing our spiritual gifts.

She encourages us not to let fear or self-doubt hold us back from living our purpose. Malissa reminds us that negativity and judgment may come from others who don't understand our spiritual journey, but we must stay true to ourselves and focus on what brings us light and happiness.


Healing and Transitions

One area where Malissa specializes is helping individuals who have lost loved ones or are preparing for the transition themselves. She believes that we are not responsible for anyone else's happiness, and our primary focus should be on finding joy within ourselves. By recognizing the signs and messages from loved ones who have passed, we can find solace and peace in their presence.

Malissa shares stories of how she has received messages from the other side and how she helps others find comfort and understanding in these experiences. She emphasizes the importance of letting go of guilt, fear, and regrets that hold us back from moving forward. By focusing on healing and embracing the signs and synchronicities around us, we can live in alignment with our higher selves.


Integration and Moving Forward

As we navigate the current collective shift and embrace our spiritual growth, it's vital to find ways to integrate these experiences gracefully. Malissa reminds us to ground ourselves, recognize triggers and traumas, and be mindful of our reactions. By understanding our own energetic, spiritual, and physical needs, we can navigate this journey with more ease.

She encourages us to focus on what brings us joy and fulfillment and not to be afraid of the unknown. While challenges may arise, staying connected to our purpose and embracing who we truly are will empower and guide us. We must be open to receiving messages, trust the process, and raise our vibrations to live in alignment with our highest service.


Taking Action and Connecting

If Malissa's story has resonated with you and you'd like to work with her, she offers virtual Reiki healing sessions, readings, yoga, and meditation. She guides individuals on their spiritual paths and helps them connect to their higher selves.

To learn more about Malissa and her work, visit her website at []( She shares her journey, provides resources, and offers ways to connect with her virtually.

In conclusion, Malissa Grimsley's inspiring journey reminds us of the magic that lies within each of us. By embracing our spiritual gifts, trusting the process, and integrating our experiences, we can live a life filled with purpose and joy. Let's take a moment to appreciate the wisdom Malissa has shared and send love and light to all those who may benefit from it. Remember, you are limitless, and the universe is conspiring in your favor. Stay connected to your higher self and embrace the magic within!



Are you on a journey of discovering and honing her spiritual gifts? Our guest today, Malissa Grimsley shares all of her path including psychic abilities and intuition.

She discusses how she found purpose in yoga and Reiki, and the importance of trusting the process and overcoming fear and doubt. Melissa also explores the challenges of navigating different belief systems and shares insights on recognizing and sharing intuitive messages.

Malissa discusses the fear of death and surrender, and offers guidance on calming the nervous system and integrating higher vibrations. Melissa concludes by discussing her virtual Reiki and yoga sessions and the power of connecting with others through technology.

Listen to unfold how to tune into your gifts & learn to love the entire journey!


This episode will cover:

✅ Discovering and honing spiritual gifts requires trust, practice, and fine-tuning.

✅ Overcoming fear and doubt is essential in embracing one's purpose and spiritual journey.

✅ Recognizing and sharing intuitive messages can bring comfort and guidance to others.

✅ Calming the nervous system and integrating higher vibrations can help navigate spiritual growth and healing…and so much more!



Malissa Grimsley has always been an avid believer in a higher power. Since childhood, she’s encountered psychic phenomenons, coining her faith in something more. Never one to bite her tongue when it comes to out of the ordinary occurrences, she’s been called to share this gift with the world to help you hone your own craft.
As a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Influencer— the “Heavenly Pennies” podcast explores Universal signs, spiritual purposes, and soul passions. “Pennies from Heaven” the book, elaborates more on Malissa’s story and what I like to call “raining pennies.” They aren’t only copper coins, but take form in many reflections of God’s creations here on Earth.
Malissa believes that everyone holds the key to their special “gifts”— so long as one is open to receiving, trusting the process, and willing to step foot into the core being of who they were born to become. Unlock the door and allow the magic of the Universe to unfold.

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