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Ancestral Healing & Intuitive Eating with Lisa Mase | Episode 262 of Witchy Wellness Radio

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Exploring Ancestral Healing, Intuitive Eating, and Rituals for Nervous System Regulation

Welcome back to another beautiful episode of Witchy Wellness Radio, where we dive deep into the connection between our bodies, emotions, and overall well-being. In today's episode, we are honored to have Lisa Mase, a holistic nutritionist, health coach, herbalist, and a parent who homesteads on the traditional lands of the Abenaki people in Vermont, join us to discuss the fascinating topics of ancestral healing, intuitive eating, and rituals for nervous system regulation. 




Understanding Ancestral Healing:

Ancestral healing is a lifelong journey that connects us to our roots and helps us reconnect with the earth. Lisa shares how she was fortunate to grow up in Italy, surrounded by a big family and a wise grandmother who taught her the importance of connecting with nature and traditional practices. She emphasizes the significance of exploring the customs, healing modalities, and traditional foods of our ancestors to develop a deeper understanding of our heritage.


The Power of Intuitive Eating:

Intuitive eating is a holistic approach that encourages us to listen to our bodies and honor their unique needs. Lisa beautifully combines intuitive eating with ancestral healing, highlighting the importance of nourishing ourselves with foods that resonate with our heritage. She encourages us to explore the wild foods and indigenous practices of our ancestors, allowing us to not only connect with our roots but also develop a deeper sense of intuition around what our bodies truly need.


Embracing Rituals for Nervous System Regulation:

Rituals play a vital role in bringing us into the present moment and allowing us to experience the mystical and sacred aspects of our everyday activities. Lisa shares how rituals can be infused into our lives, reminding us of the cyclical nature of time and the importance of being grounded. These rituals can be as simple as offering gratitude before a meal or as profound as celebrating important life transitions like Menarche. By infusing rituals with awareness and intention, we can activate our parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a state of relaxation and grounding.


The Gut-Brain Connection:

Our gut health and nervous system regulation are deeply interconnected. Lisa explains that the enteric nervous system, which resides in our gut, produces hormones that influence our overall well-being. The gut-brain axis, specifically the vagus nerve, plays a crucial role in transmitting messages between our gut and brain, impacting our digestion and overall nervous system responses. By nourishing our gut microbiome and cultivating a healthy nervous system, we can enhance our overall wellness.



Exploring ancestral healing, intuitive eating, and rituals for nervous system regulation provides us with a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. The practices shared by Lisa Mase remind us of the importance of connecting with our roots, listening to our bodies, and embracing rituals that bring us into the present moment. In doing so, we can cultivate a harmonious balance between our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. To learn more about these transformative practices, we invite you to dive into Lisa's book, "The Culinary Pharmacy," and embark on your own ancestral healing journey. Remember, by nourishing our bodies and souls, we can lead a life of holistic wellness.




In this episode, Lisa Mase, a holistic nutritionist, health coach, and herbalist, shares all about ancestral healing, intuitive eating, and rituals for nervous system regulation. Lisa dives into her personal journey of growing up in Italy and reconnecting with her ancestral traditions. She emphasizes the importance of incorporating ancestral wisdom into daily life and offers examples of rituals that can help regulate the nervous system. Lisa also discusses the connection between intuition and food choices, as well as the impact of nervous system regulation on gut health.


This episode will cover:

Incorporating ancestral wisdom into daily life can help us reconnect with our roots and find a sense of belonging.

Rituals can be simple activities that bring a sense of sacredness and timelessness to our everyday lives.

Developing intuition around food choices can help us nourish our bodies and make choices that support our overall well-being.

Nervous system regulation is closely linked to gut health, and taking care of our gut microbiome can have a positive impact on our overall wellness.

…and so much more!



Lisa Masé (she/they) is a holistic nutritionist, health coach, herbalist, and parent who homesteads on the traditional lands of Abenaki people in Vermont. Lisa emigrated to the States from Italy as a teen and is passionate about helping clients and students find their roots and reconnect to the earth. Learn more at


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