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Energy & Emotions for Business with Andrea Guendelman | Episode 261 of Witchy Wellness Radio

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Transmuting Challenges into Opportunities: Embracing Your Journey as an Entrepreneur | Witchy Wellness Radio with Andrea Guendelman

Are you wanting to expand your spirituality into your business? In this episode with Andrea Guendelman shares about expansive leadership and the blending of spiritual and business concepts with a focus on how she helps individuals and organizations unlock their potential through these practices.

As a former lawyer with experience in tech startups and energy work, Andrea shares her unique journey to spiritual and business integration and how it fuels her work today.

Delving deep into the importance of self-reflection, emotional readiness, and the significance of having a goal or drive.Andrea also shares how her energy work, particularly in hot springs, supports her personal growth and business ventures.

Watch this episode if you are ready to embody your full abundant and successful self: mind, body, soul AND business!





Andrea's Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Raised in an immensely diverse background, Andrea brings an unmatched alchemical blend of business and spirituality to the entrepreneurial world. Drawn from practicing law to venturing into tech startups, heading diversity initiatives, and exploring energy work, she has created a unique model of expansive leadership. This leadership model unlocks potential through openness and fluidity between different worlds, allowing her to transition easily between business and spirituality.

Andrea’s brand of leadership involves a deep understanding of how energies interact across disciplines. She believes these interactions contribute immensely to her ability to bring mindfulness, anchored with keen business acumen, to her work.


How Andrea Resolves Negative Emotions

Andrea shares her insights on how to overcome negative emotions that often stunt the growth and success of many budding entrepreneurs. One of her essential strategies involves acknowledging her feelings. She emphasizes the importance of facing these emotions head-on, whether they are feelings of desperation, depression, or frustration. By processing these emotions, she liberates energy, which opens up space for creativity.


Fueling the Entrepreneurial Journey through Self-Care

Recognizing the importance of self-care in her entrepreneurial journey, Andrea details her go-to methods for recharging, which include going to hot springs and adopting spiritual practices such as opening her chakras. These practices play significant roles in stimulating her creativity, thereby injecting energy into her work.


The Ultimate Goal for Entrepreneurs

Andrea also sheds light on the critical aspect of goal-setting in business. For her, the ultimate goal of any entrepreneur should aim to reach as many people as possible. For her, this goal is not one dimensional; it is subject to change and adaptation as the entrepreneur evolves.

Throughout her exciting journey, Andrea has learned that businesses, just like individuals, are subjected to constant changes. This realization has equipped her with resilience, encouraging her to continue moving forward irrespective of the obstacles she faces.


A Powerful Message to Entrepreneurs

In her concluding words, Andrea leaves the listeners with a powerful message, stressing that as entrepreneurs, they need to view themselves as athletes. Constant training, readiness for failure, and quick recovery from setbacks are all essential components of the athletic world. By incorporating these elements into their entrepreneurial journey, business owners stand a better chance to survive in the competitive realm of entrepreneurship.



To quote Andrea, 'even the long endurance in business is a significant part of the journey'. The ability to stay on course and remain committed to finishing what one started is crucial. Entrepreneurs need endurance, commitment, resilience, a clear goal, and most importantly, an ability to bounce back from failure. Her journey is proof that no matter the challenges life presents, they can be transmuted into opportunities with the right mindset and determination.

In Andrea's words and journey, we see that persistence, resilience, alchemization of challenges, and a good self-care routine could be the key to achieving success in the entrepreneurial world.


This episode will cover:
✅ Surrendering and liberating stuck energy is crucial for personal and entrepreneurial growth.
✅ Taking action, even when not feeling inspired, can unblock energy and lead to creativity.
✅ Having a goal and staying grounded are important for success in business.
✅ Hot springs and cold plunges can be powerful tools for relaxation, surrender, and creativity.
✅ Canceling other people's opinions and staying true to oneself is essential for personal and professional fulfillment


Andrea Guendelman is a writer, speaker and entrepreneur who specializes in Expansive Leadership—helping individuals and organizations unlock potential through openness.

Through her deep and varied background—from practicing law to tech start-ups, diversity initiatives to energy work—Andrea has come to embody an inspiring and unique kind of alchemy, fluidly transitioning between the worlds of business and spiritual growth. Her strength derives from the intersection of these forces and allows her to bring a unique energy and mindfulness forged with a keen business acumen to her work and to those around her.


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