#9: The Power of Cycles to Empower your Wellbeing


A different way of looking at your monthly cycle and time itself as a guide to live, rest, nourish and repeat. Or when to push and when to relax. We live in such a solar society where we award the people constantly trudging that uphill battle and resting is not seen as a high priority. To help my tribe of passionate and hardworking bossladies (who may or may not have a running to-do list keeping them awake), I’ve included at the end of today’s episode is a meditation to relax and restore – to learn to get out of your own way for your body to heal. 

Cycles remind us that we can always begin again and (this one’s for the overachiever-perfectionists) that no flowers bloom all year long. Dive into this episode a learn to stop paddling up stream and learn to go with the river’s flow (no pun intended) and actually work with your body for more energy, vibrant health and NO MORE PMS.

As funny as it may sound – your menstrual cycle is your body’s intuition! Many people don’t know what it could sound like but the reality is that it can come up like PMS. We go over ways to tune in and honor your body’s signals but I’ve also created a free ebook guide, 4 Steps to PMS Freedom, free for you to download today! Head over to the podcast link on my profile > show notes or website to download!

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In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:41:28 ]:

  • How all sorts of cycles of life, time, menstrual, yearly seasons, etc are important teachers on how to balance work and rest and promote optimal wellness.

  • Two big lessons I've taken away from practicing living my life and all around wellness through phases in cycles.

  • Why I allow myself to nap as exercise for two days a month.

  • How to retrain your mind and perceptions about your body, menstrual cycle from victim into loving the process.

  • Learning how this simple process will help alleviate PMS all together! Plus free ebook: 4 Ways to PMS Freedom

  • Each phase of your monthly cycle and how they applies to your work, relationships, health and spirituality.

  • Why do we get PMS or emotional?

  • Ending with a free meditation to Relax and Restore to help ya'll actually let go and get out of your own way for healing and flourishing!


Dr. Christiane Northrup - Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

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FREE ebook: 4 Ways to PMS Freedom


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