#8: Freedom of Inner Peace


Happy 4th of July to all my USA lovely listeners! Naturally, I was inspired by freedom for this episode's theme. But of course we are taking that concept internally - how you do feel free? Half the episode is a inspirational rampage and an attached meditation! A lot of content in a short little episode!

As I walk the walk of prioritize what lights you up. I'm taking a little bit of a step back this month from WWR. I will still post something every other week but they will be similar to this episode: inspirational + meditation. Reason for doing this is to mainly dive deep into how I can better serve all of you. I've got about 500 trillion ideas for services + products and this time will be invested in narrowing down which ones to focus on and implement. But quite honestly a lot of this time will be deepening my own alignment and self care - because we all know when you create in flow, magic happens!

Lastly, I would be so grateful to hear from all of you. What kind of service/product would work best to implement into your life for transformational change? As well as, what's your top things you want help with? For providing me with your two cents, you'll be entered to win a free 50 minute coaching session with me! Must enter by 07.12.2018 11pm EST to be entered in the giveaway! Go ahead, click the form below!



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:20:56 ]:

  • What makes you feel free vs restricted?

  • What WWR will look like this month

  • Why I'm taking a step back and diving deep

  • Inspirational rampage on inner freedom

  • Meditation from my "Let's Meditate" series on the Freedom of Inner Peace


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