#7: Goals with Soul: Mid-Year Check in


Today's episode is a little different than the rest. We are diving into our yearly goals with some soul to back them up! Have you ever wondered why you haven't completed (or maybe even started) your goals? With the Summer Solstice approaching this week (halfway point of the year), I thought it would be helpful to a little bit of an life audit for this episode. You know what you want but why are you not there? For me this year, my goal was to deepen my physical + spiritual practices in ways that I actually loved doing. This lead me to Belize last week for a yoga teacher training program that I'm still in awe of now. 

We'll chat about how focusing on the positive (what you already have) towards your goal is far more effective than the opposite. When we focus so much on the lack of having the goal, relationship, the weight loss, the bank account - we just end up with more of that lack. Learn how to loosen those white knuckles and dig deep to find what your inner motivation is for your life. Why do you feel like you need to set these goals? And how to figure out what the emotion is behind each of your goals.

I also share some of my secrets of my own daily practices to help keep me on track to my goals!





In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:30:25 ]:

  • What are goals with soul?

  • How are you meeting/not meeting your goals?

  • How to figure out how you want to feel when you reach your goals.

  • My daily meditation tricks to help me stay on track with my vision.


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