#32 The Practice of Passion with Natalie Wise


Episode 32: The Practice of Passion. In this episode of Witchy Wellness Radio, we talk with the founder of Pink Moon Candles, Natalie Wise. I love chatting with Natalie about navigating dark times in order to find your passion. So many of us know we want more out of life, to make a difference, to help others but don’t know where to begin. Natalie combined all of her talents, trainings and passions to produce these beautiful candles.

We also talk about how we stay focused and on track each day. Morning routines are so important, people! It doesn’t have to be elaborate or take 3 hours - listen in and find out how different we approach this yet how we both achieve a deep sense of calm, focus and alignment.

More about Natalies business: Pink Moon Candles help you bring beauty to your home, office, or any space that is meaningful to you. These candles have been carefully hand-crafted with thought into each and every component. From keeping the materials sustainable to pairing the natural scents, every element has been deeply considered.



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:47:59 ]:

  • How Natalie went from being a Lobbyist to the creator of Pink Moon Candles

  • Navigating your dark times into your life's passion

  • Letting go of where you 'should' be in your life/age

  • Can you avoid the wake up calls by being present? And how to move forward.

  • Natalie + Loren's journaling practices to connect to their higher selves

  • Practices to focus your energy and presence

  • How to take ownership of your life and biz through your daily routines + rituals

  • Ways to incorporating candles into your rituals

  • How to make a lasting change in your life

  • Why Natalie puts Lemongrass + Rosemary essential oils into her candles

  • Things to avoid when purchasing candles

  • Why having a coach helps you transition from feeling like a victim to being empowered

  • Sign up for Natalie's email to see what pop-up shop she will be at next


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