#30 The Magic of Sound Healing


Episode 30: The Magic of Sound Healing with Kelli Anna Gendalå.

In her 40 years on our beautiful planet earth, Kelli Anna connects with souls and is dedicated to living in the now. She holds a sacred space for everyone to experience themselves and the unconditional love that the universe offers to us all, at all times.

She is a sound bath practitioner and speaks in the language of vibration.  While words can be inspiring her belief is that through sound and energy we can communicate and experience our deepest truths. Kelli is empathic and sees auras, energy, and spirits. This gift offers her a unique perspective in feeling and experiencing the depth of what humans are wanting to authentically communicate.

Through her sound alchemy, Kelli is bringing all energies together in a vortex to wake humans up and heal the planet!



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:49:15 ]:

  • What sound healing actually is

  • How searching for you own healing + authentic self can lead to you own unique calling or genius

  • What sound baths and healing mean to Kelli Anna + the world

  • How Kelli got into sound healing

  • SIB: the space in between

  • Why it's important to live your meditations

  • Chakra systems

  • What a sound bath looks like: sound healing 101

  • Being curious vs controlling

  • Mt Sasha - root chakra retreat

  • How to use your inner voice

  • What really happens to us with sound healing

  • The power of collective consciousness


Mt. Sasha Root Retreat

The SIB Collective

Kelli Anna’s Email



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