#3: Conscious Chiropractic with Dr. Zach Thomas

"We are all designed to live life in thrival not survival"

-Dr. Zach

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I'm so thrilled to share this first interview of Witchy Wellness Radio with Dr. Zach Thomas, a Vitalistic Chiropractor and Founder of VIBE: A Centre for Optimal Living. Like most people my perception of Chiropractic care was strictly related to just the actual cracking and aligning of the bones. Through meeting Zach (and his wife, Jessica), I was quick to realize that it's so much more! Being someone who is very comfortable with the woo of life, I wanted to bring Dr. Zach on the show to dive deeper into the lesser known of Chiropractic care like allowing the energy to flow freely through you. The first principle of Chiropractic written by RW Stephenson is, a Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. Woah. We also discuss how emotions and health are very interrelated as well as how Chiropractic and other modalities can help your nervous system and body become more connected to that Universal Intelligence. 

"Even if you are experiencing pain or symptoms,

I want you to know that you are not broken.

nothing is wrong with you"

Dr. Zach

Get ready for this awesome episode to deliver some much needed truth on Chiropractic care and how your intuition/connection to the Universal Intelligence is all you need for divine, soul fulfilling, thriving, flourishing health + life.


Women's Tribe talks - May 15th

Zach and his wife are also hosting a women's night event May 15th @ Haven Collective in Upper Arlington, OH - click the link below for more info + get your tickets! Space is limited so make sure to RSVP as soon as possible.



In this episode you’ll hear [ 01:04:28 ]:

  • Zach's healing story - on how he went from back injury to chiropractor

  • How does stress + trauma really affect your entire body, health & wellness?

  • The difference between living with the absence of sickness or symptoms and actually being healthy

  • How to move stagnant energy and emotions and let it flow through you

  • How the body can and will heal itself: The Major Premise 

  • Building + recognizing your intuition muscle + how Zach taps into his own during adjustments

  • Getting the most out of your adjustments: tips and tools during and after

  • When you should come in for Chiropractic Care and who is it for (these answers will surprise you)?

  • Zach's birth adjustment story of his daughter

  • The first thing people notice change with Chiropractic Care

  • How to stop feeling like a victim of your pain, symptoms and body

  • Discussion on the possible emotional links to vertebrae misalignment issues


Kelly Giradano - Melt Hot Fitness Dublin, OH

Dr. Stephanie Gudorf - 11 Athletics  

Dr. Joe Dispenza

R.W. Stephenson 33 principles

No. 1. The Major Premise
A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

Flash of light at conception

Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wade Port - Lifeworks Chiropractic



Women’s Holistic Health Coach, Loren Cellentani, teaches how connect to your inner guidance system by focusing on your health and wellness. Let go of the fitness and diet plans that don’t work and aren’t fun to find your own wellness flow. On this show you’ll learn ways to uncover your core beliefs of self worth, inner talk and subconscious to become your own master coach. The truth is you already have the answer. Discover how your emotions and body's responses are telling you what you need. You’ll hear how principles from energetic healing, law of attraction and natural life cycles can weave into your health and wellness routines. On Witchy Wellness radio, Loren and fellow women share their stories and tips on how they regain their balance. The podcast will also feature professionals on topics that will help you with your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Tune into Witchy Wellness Radio to open up, surrender, trust and let your body lead your way.



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