#27 Rituals For Every Season with Carolann Gregoire


Episode 27 of Witchy Wellness Radio is with Carolann Gregoire, author of The Wise Hazel Tree: Rituals for Living in Season. Let me tell you this is one of the most witchy episodes of the show! It was so fun diving into topics such as wicca, numerology, astrology and Feng Shui from her book and how to incorporate them into your daily rituals. Carolann invites us into a more divine way of living through connecting with mother nature in every single season.

In her book, rituals for living in season renew our sense of personal power and understanding of the underlying magick of the universe that sustains us. The magick is presented in an artful fusion of Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, and Wicca. In the branches of The Wise Hazel Tree, these ancient traditions lead the way around the wheel of life, helping our dreams and those of the Great Mother unfold more true to form.

Consider life’s course if in autumn, we follow nature’s cue and take stock of our accomplishments alongside harvest celebrations of nature’s bounty. Or, as nature sleeps, we slow life’s pace in winter to allow time for self-care and reflection. Once spring blooms, we could find ourselves more rested and ready to begin work on new ideas and ventures. Following our intention, the sunny days of summer would shine on our growing dreams and daily endeavors.

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 In this episode you’ll hear [ 01:04:28 ]:

  • Carolann's healing backstory that lead to her writing her book

  • Spirituality as an empathic child

  • Balancing your career with your spiritual path

  • Change yourself to change the world

  • Being in present time

  • How Feung Shui grounds you and harness your intention/accomplish

  • Keeping up with your spiritually

  • Relearning to be one with Earth and sync up with the cycles of nature 

  • Seasonal Rituals to practice today

  • run down of book: feung shui, Wicca, astrology, and numerology

  • why witches + Wicca have had such a bad reputation in the past

  • Balance between divine feminine + masculine

  • Cycles of being a woman: maiden, the mother and chrone

  • Respecting aging + elders + perspective on death


The Wise Hazel Tree Book

Out on a Limb by Shirley McClaine

The Triple Goddess

Maggie Kuhn + The Grey Panthers



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