#26 Nine Essentials to Healing with Dr. Brenda Walding


Episode 26: Are you doing all the RIGHT things for your health? Working out, eating clean and drinking your body weight in water and still don’t feel healthy? Doing ALL OF THE THINGS and still searching for the next best superfood, healer or supplement you can take to cure you of all your woes? Our conversation today on Witchy Wellness Radio will help lead you to a more whole hearted approach to healing and life in general.

Our guest, Dr. Brenda Walding lovingly shares her own healing journey from college athlete to a young adult on her death bed. Brenda too did all of the healthy external things in her life to heal. And eight years into her own journey, she found out she had cancer. Dumbfounded, Brenda had to retrace her steps to what was missing in her life. And she found a complete disconnect from her heart.

Cancer free and years later, Brenda helps lead women down their own healing paths. As well as written an amazing book called, Sick of Being Sick: The Woman's Holistic Guide to Conquering Chronic Illness. And for Witchy Wellness Radio listeners, Brenda is giving a digital copy away for free. Just go to the show notes for the episode to download right away.



In this episode you’ll hear [ 01:04:13 ]:

  • Brenda's beautiful healing story and how it inspired her to help others heal with a heart centered approach

  • Why food is medicine but not the magic pill

  • How to start to connect to heart +let go

  • Why Brenda didn't speak about her cancer to others

  • What is heart coherence + Heartmath Institute

  • How our emotions are tied to our heart rate variability 

  • What does being connect to your heart feel like and how to get there?

  • How to transmute or shift out of lower emotions into higher/better feeling ones

  • The power of intention and how its related to manifestation

  • Magical manifestation with feelings + emotions

  • Trinity of manifestation is to align your thoughts, words and feelings states in alignment with your vision

  • Dr Brenda's 9 Whole-hearted Healing Essentials

  • Letting go of perfection 

  • The difference between giving away your power and finding guidance


The Heartmath Institute

Download Brenda’s book, Sick of Being Sick for free >>

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