#25 Loving Your Uncomfort Zones with Carol Hennessey

Carol H

Episode 25: Stop, drop and rolling in fear or are you diving into your UNcomfort zones? Today’s guest on the show, Carol Hennessey, shares how at any age we are up against our own uncomfort zones and how to fall in love with them. Weaving in themes from yoga, parenting and self care, our conversation paints the picture of how keep showing up for yourself will not only transform your life but the entire world as well.

Listen to hear this wise woman speak about the importance of asking for help. Hint: we love to give help but how do we receive it? If you are struggling with wanting to just crawl up in a little blanket burrito instead of facing your life and living it to its fullest, then this episode is for you. Our conversation touches intergenerational topics because life never stops throwing curve balls called UNcomfort zones in your arena. Grab a pair of headphones, take a listen and start a conversation with a loved one about their own UNcomfort zones!



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:56:40 ]:

  • How Carol went from teaching lamaze classes to now blogging about uncomfort zones

  • How to uncover your passion/love for life

  • Uncomfort zones and why everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of them

  • The two kinds of uncomfort zones

  • Faith: the secret ingredient to moving through and on from our uncomfort zones (letting go)

  • The choice we need to make: safety or pushing/growing into a uncomfort zone

  • No matter what time in your life - change wakes you up.

  • How showing up for ourselves helps inspire and heal all generations around you.

  • Why we need to continually re-parent ourselves - tough love of self love

  • How multigenerational people have so much to teach each other/learn from one another

  • Why negative self talk always comes out when we are trying to change

  • How to utilize and build up in your risk taking account 

  • Giving (& receiving) the gift of asking for help

  • And so much more!


Carol’s Website + Blog


The Slight Edge



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