#23 Relationship Intuition with Aubry Hoffman

Aubry Hoffman

Episode 23: ARE YOU LISTENING? This episode my guest, Aubry Hoffman, and I talk all about LISTENING to your intuition. I could not have asked for a better guest to chat with! Aubry is a fellow health coach, yoga teacher and podcast host on The Queen Of Intuition Podcast. 

We dive into how Aubry is still becoming the Queen of Intuition and how her own journey was sparked by romantic relationships. We both share our own intuitive romantic experiences: past, present and future. I know this topic applies to every single one of you. We’ve all been there, someone looks good ‘on paper’ but for some reason you just can’t stop questioning the relationship. Or maybe you smash down your intuition and jump into relationships you know that aren’t good for you? Regardless of your relationship woes, this will help empower you to not only listen to start to trust your inner guide.

This show was so much fun for me because I got to throw my own relationship experiences into the mix. Cue the blushing!

Just many of us are taught, Aubry learned not to trust her intuition as a child and her life journey has largely consisted of learning to trust herself again. That all beautifully led her to create her brand, The Queen of Intuition, to teach women to trust themselves and regain their sovereignty.

Aubry’s podcast exists to empower you to trust yourself and become the queen of your own intuition. In her show, she interviews thought leaders, healers, doctors and therapists about the power of our intuition and hear stories from women around the world on how their intuition has guided them at crucial turning points in their life. And you'll hear from her as she riffs on all things intuition.



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:46:20 ]:

  • How did Aubry become the Queen Intuition?

  • Aubry and Loren share ways that intuition pops up through their romantic relationships

  • What intuition sounds like when it’s a whisper

  • How your intuition speaks through your body

  • How can we connect to true essence or higher self

  • Being okay with the unknown - learning how not to control

  • What does a full body ‘yes’ feels like

  • How being over logical in relationships kills your happiness

  • Where to begin to listen to your intuition now

  • The difference between intuition or your fight or flight response

  • How body awareness and embodiment help build your intuition muscle

  • Is there such thing as being in ‘balance’?


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