#2: Unlocking your Overwhelm

In today's second episode, I dive into a topic that hits so many people today, overwhelm. 

As overachieving women, we LOVE to overload our schedules, multitask, overachieve and do it all at the same time. It sometimes seems as if it's our badge of honor when we can fit all of it on our plates at once. Proving our womanhood when we volunteer, bake food for a birthday, take on 3 more projects at work all while moving into a new home. YIKES.

We talk about how to tell if you are stuck in this overwhelm mindset other than the obvious overloaded schedule. And beg to question where does this leave room in taking care of you? 

Lastly, we chat about what we can do to step out of this crazy and disorderly mode of overwhelm and incorporate a more mindful and spiritual perspective.  

This episode is for you if you feel like you are doing it all (semi-successfully) but feel as if you lost your self in the middle of it all (or just all around hot emotional mess by the end of every week). 



In this episode you’ll hear [ 34:45 ]:

  • Telltale signs that you are in overwhelm [ 01:45 ]

  • What's actually happening when you are in this mode [ 08:22 ]

  • What you can do about it today - things that will help you now! [ 17:39 ]


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