#19: Living Your Yoga with Alissa Rodgers

Alissa Rodgers

Episode 19: Living Your Yoga with Alissa Rodgers. Cannot wait for ya’ll to listen to the newest episode of #WitchyWellnessRadio with founder and CEO of @goyogausa, Alissa Rodgers. So wonderful to have a fellow yogi on the show to discuss life, habit changing, mindfulness and even starting your own business. Alissa shares her backstory on how she first started to practice yoga to now having 7 yoga studio locations around Columbus, OH.

Alissa share’s GoYoga’s mission to be yoga for the everyday person. Day to day, most of us don’t realize how unaware we are of our bodies (not to mention emotions) and yoga is there to help you become more present. I loved chatting with this fellow recovering perfectionist because we (like many of you listeners) struggle with letting go of ‘doing it all’ and talk about leaning on others for support, asking for help and even opening up.

We also talk about sustainable and lasting habit changes - Alissa’s shares a very simple, easy to implement and fun way to make changes. Lastly what yogi conversation wouldn’t be good with out talking about mindfulness and presence. Diving deep into the underpinnings of how not only to make lasting change in your life but also to be a shinning and loving light to the rest of the world.

MORE ABOUT ALISSA: Alissa Rodgers is a business owner, yoga teacher and mom of 3 boys.  Her passion lies in helping people to discover their potential, whether that be in a yoga class, in a yoga teacher training or just in casual conversation.  She started her company, GoYoga, 8 years ago in the spirit of providing a welcoming, accessible and affordable place for the everyday person to practice yoga. As someone who is not especially flexible or athletic herself, she knew the importance of creating a space where people felt comfortable showing up as they were so they could begin to practice yoga and experience its many benefits. What started as a vision, has grown into 7 yoga studios in Columbus, OH as well as teacher trainings across the United States and in a few other countries.  She believes anyone can benefit from regular yoga and meditation practices and is on a mission to share these incredibly beneficial wellness tools with as many people as possible to bring greater health, happiness, peace and balance into their lives.



In this episode you’ll hear [ 01:00:20 ]:

  • How Alissa got into yoga to lose baby weight to now owning 7 yoga studios

  • The story behind the beginning of GoYoga

  • How to juggle it all when you are getting pulled in every direction

  • Asking for help & seeking support (you don't have to do it all)

  • Sustainable way to change/break a habit and getting down to the root of your habit change 

  • Meditation - leave space to focus to tune in to our intuition and align with that future/best self

  • The ways you can you use your own growth to help others 

  • How to catch your (mind) self before you wreck yourself

  • The gift of presence


GoYoga’s IG - @GoYogaUSA

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GoYoga’s Website- www.GoYogaUSA.com

Alissa’s email: alissa.goyoga@gmail.com



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