#18: Herbal Medicine with Sasha Bruno


Episode 18: Herbal Medicine with Sasha Bruno. In this week’s episode, we go down quite the delicious and nutritious trail with the founder of Botanibites, Sasha Bruno. Botanibites functional mini muffins deliver you pure satisfaction and purpose. Each recipe blends organic herbal extract blends with simple, clean ingredients to provide you with a snack you will only feel great about. Other than the drool worthy product we talk at depth on how Sasha was led to create the company, Eastern + Herbal Medicine, healing remidies, mindset and so much more.

If you are local you can pick up these bites at local grocery stores but she also offers subscription services nationwide. Flavors include:


naturally occurring caffeine and l-theanine for a focused, sustained energy much more enlivening than your typical coffee buzz


calm your mind and body with this night cap blend that goes excellent with warm tea


uplift your being and get that pep on your step through this rebalancing and reenergizing blend


relax your mind, body, and soul with this calming blend of herbs in a sweet, soothing flavor.

MORE ON SASHA: Sasha Bruno, the founder of Botanibites, wanted to create an enjoyable way to enjoy the healing power of herbs. Her years of experience in health, wellness, alternative medicine, and Chinese herbal theory led her to create a guilt free baked good you can dive into and receive benefits from.

What was at first a series of kitchen experiments soon transformed into a passion of Sasha's, the founder of Botanibites. Sasha has always enjoyed experimenting and learning about food, wellness, herbal medicine and the like - and as a wellness expertise and herbal pharmacist, dietary concerns and nutrition were always key topics of concern.

Sasha began her innate interest in natural healing during her time at Boston University working at Whole Foods Market. Upon graduating, Sasha relocated to her hometown of Miami, FL and embarked on a new journey merging her Chinese heritage with her passion for healing by entering a Master's program in Oriental Medicine. This led her to follow her passions further by transitioning to being an herbal pharmacist at Orion Herbs. She learned the odds and ends of herbal medicine, acupuncture, and other forms of alternative therapies during her managerial position there.

Through her experience in the workplace and education, Sasha saw the power of diet and herbs in each person she met. However, she knew there was a huge problem with the options available to those with digestive ailments, especially when it came to baked goods. The products available on the market today that are gluten free are typically full of soy, grain, corn, binders, etc.; and the ones that are paleo are usually dense and dry. As Sasha started experimenting with her own baking at home, she became inspired to create a health conscious, allergen friendly, purposeful treat. After a few trials, mistakes, and extensive feedback, Botanibites was born.

March, 2017, Botanibites launched backed by popular support by the lovely individuals of the NSEV and Orion Herbs community and friends. The herbal, organic, gluten and grain free, non-dairy mini muffins were a huge hit instantly.

Made with a base of coconut flour, coconut sugar, eggs, and coconut milk, these allergen & paleo friendly muffins are tasty, filling, nutritional, and purposeful. Herbs and healthy eating are where it's at and these unique muffins serve all your deepest desires and pleasures without guilt. They are a perfect solution for anyone struggling with inflammation, IBS, digestive issues, chronic pain and more. They also help you achieve whatever state of mind you're desiring.

As Botanibites reach more and more people, Sasha hopes to educate people on the benefits of eating a paleo friendly diet through Botanibites and increasing awareness of the power of natural and alternative healing.



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:53:48 ]:

  • How’s Sasha’s story from working in Whole Foods to starting her own functional muffin business

  • The power of herbal medicine

  • How simple is sometimes better with herbs, supplements, food and energy

  • Eastern Medicine view point on how the body can and will heal itself

  • How you can order these delicious muffins online (mail order subscription offered too) or where you can pick them up locally in Columbus, OH.


Botanibites Website- www.botanibites.com

Botanibites IG- @Botanibites



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