#16: Grounding with Mariah K Lyons


Episode 16: Earth Medicine + Grounding with Mariah K Lyons. I am super excited to share this episode with ya’ll! Mariah is the founder of @astaracollective a luxury grounding shoe company. Which means gorgeous design and quality combined with Crystalline and grounding technology. What more does a girl need, really?

Mariah and I talk all about a range of topics from how following her own inner voice led her to go from growing up in Utah, to a career as a dancer to founding her own shoe company.

We also of course explain and dive into what grounding and Earth Resonance (or the Shumann Resonance 7.83hz). As well as the history, background and application of Crystalline technology. I think my favorite part of this show was listening to Mariah go through and so lovingly describe each crystal used in ASTARA’s shoes.

If you are thinking about a self love or maybe a Merry Christimas gift to yourself, make sure to listen to this show and head over and get yoruself a pair of ASTARA’s.

More on Mariah:

Mariah K Lyons is the Founder and CEO of luxury wellness footwear company ASTARA, and is based in Venice, CA. Her work over the years as a private Meditation Guide, trained Reiki Master, and certified Herbalist and Crystal Healer helped inspire her to create her innovative line. ASTARA utilizes the principles of Earth Resonance healing and Crystalline Technology, the first luxury shoe brand of it’s kind.

Mariah and ASTARA have been written up and featured in VOGUE, The Hollywood Reporter, Good Morning America, C Magazine, Harper’s BAZAAR Germany, and VANITY FAIR Italia. She has built programs and workshops for NBC Universal, Comcast, NIKE, Dreamworks, Soho House, DASH Radio and Hello Giggles as well as LA/NY studios The Den Meditation, the LOOM, Love Yoga, Space by MamaMedicine and PlayList.

Trained in Buddhist, Daoist, Tantra and Breathwork Meditation, Western Herbalism, Mariah has completed 200 hours each of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga training. She currently organizes and teaches crystal trainings, workshops and classes, in addition to her work with ASTARA. Before stepping in as a designer, healer and teacher, Lyons was a trained professional dancer turned fashion publicist. She worked in-house at Jimmy Choo for many years, before discovering that chronic stress and sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation in her office was triggering Auto-Immune illnesses. It was then she dived deeper into her own wellness and healing, studying Earth medicine with healers and shamans from all over the world.

Her shoes were born out of her own need for grounding and balance. The ASTARA brand is the only luxury grounding footwear company utilizing the science of crystal energetics and grounding technology. This grounding component attunes the body into the frequency of the Earth, the Shumann Resonance 7.83hz, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and the effects that stress and EMFS have on the body.

Mariah believes that we are all innately connected through an intelligence beyond mental comprehension, which not only links us to one another, but to our natural environment and surroundings. In a world of plastic, electronics and too much social media, Lyons guides people back to themselves, helping them re-connect with their own healer within, their own guide within, and with the natural healing elements we have all around. Through finding sacred in the mundane, ritual in the everyday and connection to all, we heal, not only ourselves but the world around us.

Bringing together the worlds of wellness and fashion, city and nature, and science and spirituality, Mariah and ASTARA are reimagining and redesigning how we walk with intention in the modern day.



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:54:27 ]:

  • How’s Mariah’s story from growing up in Utah to creating her own luxury shoe company.

  • Trusting timing and keep listening to that little voice inside pointing you in the right direction

  • The process, energy and science behind Grounding (Earth Resonance)

  • How to notice when you are floating outside of yourself and the present moment

  • The history, background and application of Crystalline technology

  • What is the Shumann Resonance and how can grounding significantly help your body balance into equilibrium

  • All about alignment: how it looks, how to get there and why it’s so important

  • Mariah shares a detailed descriptions for all of ASTARA’s shoes (aka Which crystals shoes are best for what you are looking for in your life).


Maria’s IG - @mariahklyons    

ASTARA Website- www.astaracollective.com

ASTARA IG- @astaracollective 



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