#15: Sleeping The Night Away with Stephanie Romiszewski


Episode 15 - Sleeping The Night Away with Stephanie Romiszewski. Sleep is such a hot topic in not only the holistic wellness but also the mainstream media. In today’s episode learn how out most all info out there is not helping your perpetual sleep issues like insomnia. We talk with expert Sleep Psychologist and Founder of Sleepyhead Clinic, Stephanie Romiszewski on how to let go of the sleepy ‘should’s and how to amp up your sleepiness drive. You might actually be surprised at some of the practical advice given in today’s episode. So stop pinning all the sleep hacks you can get your hands on and put in those ear puds and listen to this episode to help you get sleeping tonight!

Stephanie specializes in breaking down complex sleep medicine into realistic, easy to use methods which actually resolve sleep problems like insomnia, without scaremongering or endless rules to follow! Just simple easy to use science, empowering people to take control of their own health. Stephanie has worked in NHS clinical sleep disorder centers across the UK, diagnosing and treating a wide range of sleep issues and has also set up sleep services and ran training courses for other medical professionals.

If you want to check out Stephanie’s new online DIY sleep course apply at www.sleepyheadclinic.co.uk/apply for the opportunity to have a chat with Stephanie and see if the course is right for you!



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:41:23 ]:

  • How did Stephanie get into this field and how she overcame her own sleep problems.

  • Sleep is a well versed topic at the moment - so is it true?

  • Are we all going to get very sick because we are sleep deprived?

  • Do we need to all be following these endless tips to fix our sleep?

  • Does relaxation techniques help?

  • What about tracking out sleep?



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