#14: Healthy Holidays


Episode 14: And here we are again, holiday season! Where the stress and bloated bellies hit their max capacity. Normally, we just have to deal with our own diet and lifestyle choices but the next few months us healthy and sometimes anxious eaters are put in some challenging situations.

Do you find yourself craving foods or maybe just mindlessly grazing while you hear your Aunt Sally tell her favorite story for the tenth time? In this episode of #witchywellnessradio, you'll hear how to become more present with what and when you are eating. How to actually allow yourself a little break while maintaining a healthy balance.

We also chat on how important it is to put your joy and happiness first in order to give the gift of presence this season (well, really all year round). To accomplish this great task even with the most triggering of relatives we must first: ground ourselves, set boundaries and lastly show some compassion.

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In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:34:24 ]:

  • How to stay healthy and feeling vibrant all holiday season

  • Mindful eating: tips on how to stay present with yourself and food

  • Giving the gift of presence this year to all your loved (and not so loved) ones

  • How and why to ground yourself before seasonal events

  • Why boundaries with yourself but also others is a game changer to keeping grounded

  • Showing compassion for others, even when they are acting out


Freebie meditation: Savor Until Satisfied >>

"See the Soul, not the story" - Seane Corn (Yoga Talks - Podcast link)



Women’s Holistic Health Coach, Loren Cellentani, teaches how connect to your inner guidance system by focusing on your health and wellness. Let go of the fitness and diet plans that don’t work and aren’t fun to find your own wellness flow. On this show you’ll learn ways to uncover your core beliefs of self worth, inner talk and subconscious to become your own master coach. The truth is you already have the answer. Discover how your emotions and body's responses are telling you what you need. You’ll hear how principles from energetic healing, law of attraction and natural life cycles can weave into your health and wellness routines. On Witchy Wellness radio, Loren and fellow women share their stories and tips on how they regain their balance. The podcast will also feature professionals on topics that will help you with your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Tune into Witchy Wellness Radio to open up, surrender, trust and let your body lead your way.



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