#13: Healing Rituals with Erica Fullen


Episode 13 – Healing Rituals – Today’s episode we have on Erica Fullen the founder of The Wild Sage Collective + Mod Mala diving deep into all things holistic arts, healing and woo. We can all ‘should’ all over ourselves for not keeping up with all our self care or morning routine ‘to-dos’ but Erica shares how to incorporate these rituals into your routine (even if its 3 meditating minutes in the bathroom before the kids come running in). With everything that she does, Erica brings so much laughter, humor and love. Such a bright and joyous light for all of us on our healing paths and helps guide us to our own source of inner knowing. Join us for a laugh filled interview!

More on Erica:

Erica Fullen is an intuitive healer, meditation guide, founder of The Wild Sage Collective and creator of the Mala making kit - Modmala. She holds a degree in Psychology and has spent the last 18 years delving deep into the studies, education and practice of the holistic arts. She has a vast knowledge, wisdom and gifts in the areas of chakra reading and balancing, clairvoyance, energy mastery, meditation and reiki.

In creating The Wild Sage Collective, Erica has taken these years of experience in the holistic arts and curated a beautiful collection of chakra inspired jewelry, meditation tools, daily rituals and mala making kits.

Erica has wanderlust in her soul and enjoys travels and journeys with her husband and three daughters. When not traveling, they spend time together at their home in central Ohio or their cabin in rural Michigan on 108 beautiful unkempt acres, which someday soon she hopes to turn into a retreat center.



In this episode you’ll hear [ 01:06:53 ]:

  • How Erica's passion for energy for holistic arts lead her to create The Wild Sage Collective and ModMala.

  • The power of rituals and how to incorporate them into your daily life

  • How to create and maintain a daily meditation practice

  • Erica shares a seasonal chakra meditation walk

  • Both of our favorite morning rituals

  • How to trust your intuition for your best morning ritual 

  • Why we both truly believe our wake-up calls were the best things that could have happened to us

  • How rituals can help you through tough times but also uncover a deep sense of gratitude

  • Who's really doing the healing when working with a guide, coach or healer?

  • How to step out of being a conscious victim through your own intuition 

  • Using laughter to not only lighten your load but to observe what's really going on and how ridiculous it is to be a human

  • Why energy always matches up


Website: The Wild Sage Collective + Instagram

"See the Soul, not the story" - Seane Corn (Yoga Talks - Podcast link)

“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer Quote

Book: Soul Shifts by Dr. Barbra De Angelis



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