#11: Feminine Wholeness with Morgan Day Cecil


We’re back with episode #11! So happy to start sharing more Witchy Wellness wisdom with all ya’ll again. Our first guest is Morgan Day Cecil, a true Feminine Wholeness Goddess. I first connected with Morgan when I signed up for her Body Of Bliss Course which lovingly shows how to connect to your own divine feminine nature and begin your jade egg journey (make sure to learn more about it in the show notes). This conversation touches on how spirituality and sexuality should not be in separate categories and how even being present and enjoying the beauty around you is connecting to that part of yourself. We do talk about sex and sexuality but through a different and very empowering perspective for women to learn how to harness this power.

More info on Morgan: Morgan Day Cecil is an expert in Feminine Wholeness, guiding women back to freedom and joy in their body and soul.  Through her one-on-one Sophia Embodied program and her transformative Sophia Retreats around the world, Morgan delights in seeing women learn to trust what lights them up and radically love every part of who they are. She teaches that "healing is a love story" and offers a free guided meditation to help women create a new narrative around sex and sexuality: http://morgandaycecil.com/no-more-shame

Morgan is a Christian mystic, mentor, mama and wife. She is a lover of wisdom, travel, and lingerie. She offers free tips and practices to embrace being a woman, embody love, and live in wholeness on her youtube channel and more in-depth learning through Feminine Wholeness University. Morgan lives is in Portland, Or with her husband and two kids. Get on the waitlist for The Sophia School of Feminine Wholeness (launching 2019) at FeminineWholeness.me



In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:55:18 ]:

  • What’s Morgan’s role as an Integrated Feminine Wholeness Coach?

  • Why we are so afraid of our sexuality or feminine power

  • How to create a safe space inside our own being with the ‘Finding your inner Resource’ tool

  • What can you do for your body to help her release some of the most toxic and long held emotions

  • How healing and journey to wholeness is a love story, not a battle

  • Why loosing your sex drive (in marriage/healthy relationship) is a good thing

  • 3 Keys to Feminine Wholeness

  • Why Sophia is so important and who the heck is she?


No More Shame Meditation: http://morgandaycecil.com/no-more-shame
Instagram: http://instagram.com/morgandaycecil
Facebook: The Sophia Sisterhood
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/morgandaycecil

Feminine Wholeness University: http://morgandaycecil.com/no-more-shame
Sophia Retreats: www.sophiaretreats.com
Sophia Embodied 1-on-1: www.morgandaycecil.com/coaching



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