#10 Self Love + Body Positivity - with Amanda Crichton

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Get ready for a funny, impactful and deep interview with Dietician Nutritionist of Fulcio, Amanda Crichton. We talk about how Amanda came to found her company, Fulcio by receiving a few hard hitting "no's" in her life. It always amazes me how women naturally fall into their life's work. So many times when we are in the thick of it (hitting the fan) we don't realize how it all is a blessing in disguise. 

Even though this episode is centered about wellness and intuitive eating, we talk about how we fall into patterns with food, social media, etc that we are actually looking to be triggered! Because as you may already know, health is so much more than just food! Amanda is also so open with us on how she helps her own clients. She also shares what signs she looks out for to see if potential clients aren't ready for transformation. This answer might surprise you!

Of course being Witchy Wellness Radio, we had to get chatting about some woo-woo, like how your chakras affect your eating habbits overall and dive into the first 3 and how they relate to your health. Amanda and I also give our own perspectives on body shaming vs positivity - we preach similar messages but still great to hear different personal experiences and ideas behind all of this! 

Lastly, Amanda was so kind to share some very practical and easy to implement things you can do this week to help with your self love, self acceptance and intuitive eating!

"If we are truly loving who we are + our bodies then we are respecting our bodies.... I really want everyone to just love who they are. Because if they aren't ready to do that then they aren't ready to eat what their body is actually needing"

-Amanda Crichton




In this episode you’ll hear [ 01:13:11 ]:

  • Amanda's backstory - how she came to be the founder of Fulcio

  • How her self love and diet journey is always a process + a practice

  • How to discern between what your body "wants" and actually "needs"

  • The best way she's found to work with clients who are ready to love them selves but don't know how.

  • Social Media: how its actually much more than comparisonitis and how to let go and find more ease

  • It gets juicy with both our perspectives on body positivity, shaming and the concept of privilege

  • How Chakras affect your overall eating habbits

  • Talk about the first 3 chakras and how they relate to your health + wellness

  • The lack of fun in women's lives and why its so important

  • Amanda shares how she can tell if people are ready to change

  • 3 things you can do this week to help with self love, self acceptance and intuitive eating

  • The balance between giving your self grace and having some grit

  • Amanda kindly shares in depth about her upcoming group coaching program, Flourish (link in show notes)


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