#31 The Power of Touch

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Episode 31: The Power of Touch with Kim Walls. In this episode, Kim and I dive into why touch is so important for humans and how Americans tend to lack in this department. Kim started a skincare company, BEB Organic, to provide a need for premature babies that couldn’t handle the chemicals in normal baby skincare. Now this company has grown for all baby-care needs and has further her love for the transformational power of touch.

This episode does talk about babies but more importantly how touch effects each of us daily. We talk about how Americans are desperately needing touch compared to the rest of the world but also how touch can be something as simple as a high-five. Learn how to boost your immunity, decrease stress and amplify connection!


 In this episode you’ll hear [ 00:49:03 ]:

  • BEB organic business: starting from a hospital partnership to a global business

  • Strict cultural norms in the US vs rest of world with touch

  • How touch helps with tissue repair, stress levels, ptsd and much more

  • How our culture's past religious upbringing to our technological revolution has bred our lack of connection + touch

  • Placing the power of touch easily into your daily routines

  • Touch and permission: how do you navigate?

  • Growing up the safe way vs the touch way

  • How Kim focuses on the “good” to stay in balance

  • Kim's new book Mindful Touch eBook

  • How touch is extremely necessary for premature babies overall survival



Mindful Touch eBook

Joseph Campbell - Hero’s Journey


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