Are you pressing ‘PERIOD PAUSE


on your business, family & self-care each month?


Ladies, your cycle is NOT meeting its quarterly review...

  • Cramps

  • Migraines

  • cravings 

  • ACNE 


  • gastro-instestional hell

  • acne 

  • mood swings

  • exhaustion


You don’t have to let this cycle take the wheel in your health & mission. 

Enter The Period Biz Plan (PBP), a specially tailored 90 min. session where we create a custom plan to utilize your period & learn how to work with your body.

I've seen time and time again the toll and excuses women, myself included, have had to make due to this. Because of this, I'm determined to educate and empower women with the age-old wisdom of understanding what their bodies are trying to tell them.

We are not victims to our 'monthly visitor' actually quite the opposite.


In PBP I'll show you how to not only rid yourself of PMS but how to use this time to propel yourself forward in life, health, relationships and your biz. 

You'll walk away with a personal road map and a key actionable takeaways that you can put into place right now. But most importantly, harnessing the productive power of your time of the month is the missing link for your personal + biz health that you've been looking for.


Let's schedule a short 10min phone call bellow to see if PBP is the right choice for you: