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I work with passionate & driven women who are so focused on work and helping others that health, diet and exercise seem overwhelming or in the way.

I show my clients how to harness the power of their mind & body to flourish in every way.

In other words, I help women keep calm, stay grounded and prepared for their dream life.

finding balance three month coaching program

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Finding balance >>

Signature three month health coaching program. We meet a total of six sessions via Skype to shift into your glowing and balanced self.

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hi, i'm loren

About >>

Head over to the about page to find out how I got into health coaching and why helping others find their self-worth is my mission.


become an essential oil junkie

just like me!

Essential oils >>

Find out what essential oils are and how to safely use them. I've been using oils for years now they've completely changed my health & self care routines!



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