Top 5 Books Every Awake Woman Should Read




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Want to get back into a book club or just spice up your reading list? Below are my top books that have impacted me in one way or another so much so that I believe every single woman should read them. All written by women for women. 

They include wide range in topics and view points but all bring it back to sparking the idea that you are your divine own guru. That all you must do is listen and you'll know the way. Sounds a little too simple, right?



White Hot Truth Danielle Laporte

This lady is my self help spiritual animal. She’s written other classics life The Firestarter Sessions and Desire Map. D’s big take away from her collective work is that intention is everything and you should be making goals for how you want to feel now, not the end result. In her new book, White Hot Truth, she calls out so many false truths in the self help and spiritual world today and how the most important thing you can do is to become your own guru.

Check out White Hot Truth here >>



Making Life Easy - Dr. Christiane Northrup

Christiane is not a newcomer when it comes to women’s health. She has pioneered the way over the past 30 years for mind, body and soul radiant health. She’s also written what I like to lovingly refer to ‘the bible’, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. But in her newest book, Making Life Easy, she’s boiled down all of her life’s teachings and wisdom into a concise, easy to read and fun book.

Link to Making Life Easy >>




Feminine Genius - Liyana Silver

Wow. This book totally knocked my socks off this summer. I could not put it down. Liyana dives right into how the feminine wounds and how to wake up and turn on your own wisdom of being a woman. Although this is probably the heaviest read on the list, you can easily read it in sections as you digest all the nuggets of wisdom.

link to buy Feminine Genius >>




Witch: Unleashed, Untamed, UnapologeticLisa Lister

Sounds intimidating but hear me out, Lisa explains that being a witch is just really being in touch with your innate and ancient wisdom as well as being a feminist. What’s not to love about that? Learning about the history of women and witches alike is enough to make your hair stand on end but it’s a deep wound we all carry that must be healed.

check it out here >>



Outrageous OpennessTosha Silver

A beautifully written and quick read on spiritual lessons Tosha has learned through real life and client experiences. Each story and lesson are seamlessly woven together and will even make you crack a smile or chuckle throughout the book too. I love picking this or her other book, Change Me Prayers, up before bed for a little read to raise up my vibration before going to sleep.

Link to get your hands on Outrageous Openness >>

How about you, what's top on your recommended reading list? I'd love to hear in the comments below: 

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