What Dance Are You Performing?

What dance are you performing? The can-can or the can’t-can’t?

Both equally powerful but it opposite directions. When we are not liking our current situation: bloating, overweight, out of shape, single, unemployed - we can feel like it's never going to change. As if it’s on this perpetual loop of crappiness and you hear your inner dialogue saying “I can’t even” over and over again… That my friends is the infamous, Can’t-Can’t dance.

When talking with some friends over the New Year I realized one of them was dead set on not being able to meet new people or finding a boyfriend. I kept literally hearing “I can’t _____” on repeat. She had repeated it so many times that it actually became her truth - there were no good potential mates out there. She couldn’t find one - so therefore there weren’t any…

I asked her to try to let go of saying I can’t and trying to replace it with ‘I can’ but most importantly taking inspired action. Because if we aren’t trying new things, putting ourselves out there to meet different people, new situations - how do you expect things to change? Wheels started churning and she started to shuffle over to the Can-Can side.

So instead of saying I can’t clear up my skin or loose that gluten 5lbs bloat - say I CAN. And take actions to make you feel like you already have that clear skin or flat belly. How would you take care of yourself differently than before?

How can you tell which dance you are putting down?

The Can’t-Can’t:

  • Actually saying “I can’t (fill in the blank issue)”
  • Negative and judgmental inner talk
  • Playing the complain game
  • Changing nothing and expecting things to change (the definition of insanity)


The Can-Can:

  • The notion that everything is in the words of @MarieForelo, “figureoutable”.
  • Surrendering to not knowing how to solve this problem. Or letting Jesus take the wheel.
  • Forgiving and positive inner talk
  • Starting to try different things that make you feel good - like how you want to feel at your end goal.

We all weave both of the dances into our daily lives so don’t get caught up if you are in a little bit of a Can’t-Can’t shuffle. The big difference is that you are aware of where you are and are willing to make the change. Intention is everything.

Now I would love to hear from you. Where are you cutting a can’t-can’t rug in your health and wellness?

Loren Cellentani2 Comments