mixed messages: symptoms of healing


When we start to take full responsibility and loving actions towards healing ourselves sometimes we get "new" and "unexplained" symptoms.

**eye roll**

Now when we fast, cleanse or detox we are all familiar with the die-off symptoms ---- We feel like crap: headaches, gastrointestinal issues, etc before we feel better because all the built up toxins start to move around and get flushed out of our system.

And this can also happen with healing or getting back into your ideal wellness shape. For example, I’ve been healing my right hip for almost 2 years now. Started off strictly as just knee and thigh pains - very specific and consistent area. For the past year or so, I’ve done a lot of new inner work, consistently practicing yoga, rested when I needed to rest, kept up with different healing modalities like chiropractor and energy healing sprinkled in.

Recently, I’ve noticed the pain start ‘moving around’ one day it was my lower back, another my hamstring or even glut. These areas have never been an issue for me so I got confused. Why now? Aren’t I well on my way to healing this pattern? Why are these things popping up?

Quite easy to jump into the victim head-space with this one… So I chatted with my chiropractor about it and he was almost jumping for joy and explained that those ‘random’ symptoms are a sign of healing! It means that the old patterns, toxic crap are breaking free and your body is resolving/healing.

Woah. Massive breakthrough. What if we thought about our bodies, healing or wellness in this way? As a means of just processing and working through old patterns. Viewing it was energy flowing to heal and breaking apart the stagnation that created your issue/need for healing to begin with. Whether it be digestion issues, adult acne, PMS, or weight loss - it’s all the same! When we start approaching it differently the healing will produce different results.

What 'mixed messages' do you get when trying to heal, lose weight or change a bad habit? Do you realize that your cravings actually get worse before they get better? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below:

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