Overwhelm Meltdown: How to Vent to Yourself

Let's start off with visualizing that one friend who always calls on your to 'vent', you know the one, 3 hours and 25 horrible topics later, she feels so much better after letting it all to while you probably caught in the cross fire feel overwhelmed, depleted and moody AF. 


This my friends, it NOT venting. This is what I like to call 'dumping'. Healthy venting only addresses one main point that you are worried about, while dumping everything and anything is wrong and you can't pinpoint one main concern. I want to share with you lovelies how to deal with the self dumping or what so many of us know as 'overwhelm'. 

Self dumping leads to overwhelm and eventually full on meltdown.

Dumping to your inner self is a downward spiral that just keep filling you that emotional tank with more and more worries. Soon everything from forgetting to grab a fork for your lunch to that paper cut really feel like the end of the world. Not to mention that you can't make a decision on something as simple as what kind of apple to buy and don't you even try to think about coaching yourself out of it.

Do you find yourself in this situation saying:

"I'm upset. I'm mad. I'm overwhelmed."

↓Or maybe it just looks and feels like this ↓


Enter, full on inner child tantrum meltdown.

This is much more than being hangry. At this point, you have a six year old running your life which means whatever coping mechanisms you had are probably are what's coming out. Mine? Full on crying in the fetal position and in total victim mode. For some ladies, a binge of some sort might accompany this tantrum or possibly a shopping spree to cope. But how do we rebound but all prevent this from happening in the future?

When you feel yourself falling down that tantrum tunnel. Stop. Go sit down in a quiet place (at work? Go to the bathroom, seriously I've had quite the profound mediations on the toilet before).  Sit down bring your attention/awareness to your heart. Maybe bring your hands to your chest. Feel your heart beat and just breathe in (count to 5), hold for 6 and release for 7. Do this for a few minutes or as long as you need to regroup.

Then ask yourself,

"What is this really all about?

What's one thing I need to do next?"


Now your intuition's answers should be direct, simple and a full body yes kind of feeling and if you are getting a nervous, very wordy and scattered answer, that's what I like to call "the committee" or all those little worry voices in your head. 


Wonderful but what does this have to do with your health and wellness? 

Any one can follow a 30 day detox plan but what do you do the rest of the 11 months of the year? I'm not here to give you a strict and stringent meal and exercise plan to follow. My main goal is to show you how to dive into your inner self, see the underlying issues and learn how to coach yourself out of it. Honestly, by the time our coaching time together is complete,  I want you to become your OWN health + wellness coach because there is nothing stronger than a women to is aware of her emotions, body and her needs. She is unstoppable and glows brighter than she ever has before. 

Have more questions or what to further explore your inner child meltdowns? let's set up a free into call bellow.

thumbnail imagery is from: @unexiist