multitasking snap

You know when you are in multitask don’t-have-any-time-to-even-pee mode?

When one traffic light or email makes you snap?


Yeah, I thought you might be familiar with this…


As overachieving women, we LOVE to multitask. I feel as if its our badge of honor if when we can fit ALL of it on our plates at once. Proving our womanhood when we volunteer, bake food for a birthday, take on 3 more projects all while moving into a new home. YIKES.

Where does this leave room in taking care of you? Some of us attempt to add the self care, meal prep and workouts into that mix but when we find ourselves making grocery lists, while on the phone with a client and picking out the wall color for the new home is NOT taking care of you.

Part of loving myself as a perfectionist was coming to terms with the fact that I do want to do it all and be the best. While it was initially rooted in fear of not being enough if I didn’t do all of the things, now after healing that underlying issue, I use it to propel me forward and leverage my whole life.

How do you do this you might ask?

One damn thing at a time.


Doesn’t matter how much kale you are eating if you are rushing around like a crazy lady with her head cut off doing 5 things at once. You can still get everything done but just by doing more with less.


"Simplify.  Simplify. Simplify."



Block time in your schedule to only do ONE thing at a time. This includes down time with the hubs watching a movie and social media.

While focusing one thing at at time its super helpful to mentally or literally turn on your auto responder for Out of the Office. When we only do one thing at a time we can fully be present and fully perform our best. The juggle act never ends well.


Now I’d love to hear from you.

How do you let go of the multitasking and bring in some mindfulness?