Missing the sweetstuff

    What sweetness is missing in your life?



I’ve written, preached, stood up on my sugar-free soap box for years preaching the benefits sugar out of your diet.

I’m now somewhere in the middle, like most of my diet, everything ebbs and flows to what my body needs. In terms of sugar, I allow little things here and there and not make a huge deal about it.

  • Because I know that one cookie is enough
  • That one brownie today will mean that tomorrow I won’t need to eat the whole pan.
  • Sometimes, you need a little suga to help you get by…


We all been there where chocolate and/or sugar are exactly the right things when we are in a funk, PMS, breakup or simply, shit just hits the fan. The chemical signatures that sugar produced in the brain light up the same parts as cocaine… (leave you with that one for a second)

What I've learned from my own and clients sugar (and gluten) addictions is that there’s sweetness missing in your life.

In order to fill that void or negative emotion that you are avoiding, you need to seek the sugar elsewhere. I know this isn’t a huge dramatic breakthrough but it really can be when you take a second to be present with yourself and do a joy or sweetness life audit.



sweetness life audit prompts:

Where in my life fills me up with joy?

Where does it make me feel sad, depressed, not like myself (people, career, home, body, money)?

How can I take one step today to bring more sweetness + softness to those problem areas?



The inner work is VITAL to any lifestyle or diet change. But I won't leave ya hanging.

Here are my top 5 practical suggestions that have helped clients (and me!) kick sugar addictions:



  1. Amp up your fermented foods - this may assist in reducing your overall cravings
  2. When you do eat sugar try to get it from healthier sources (i.e. lower glycemic index)
  3. Try to also eat fat + protein with sugar to help slow down and minimize the blood sugar peaks
  4. Add in sweeter whole foods like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots and of course fruit to slowly + healthily satisfy those sugary urges.
  5. Greens, greens, greens - at every meal! Remember all carbs turn into sugar too! So chances are you love your pasta, rice and bread…. Did I just read your mind?! Try subbing out your grains for greens (or something like cauliflower rice or broccoli rice). Does that hurt to think about? Then try half greens and half carbs (or try healthier versions like green pea pasta!)
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