a letter to my twelve-year-old self

I did this exercise at my yoga teacher training last month. It was so freeing to connect and communicate with that younger part of myself. And it only took about 10 minutes! So, I challenge you all to take the time this weekend #selfcaresunday - to free write at letter to your 12 year old self. Not trying to tell her to do/not do anything that you still regret to this day but truly a loving note preparing and guiding her for the years to come.

Dearest Loren,

I know you’ll still want to find your own way despite the loving advice I’m about to give but please take heed and listen.

You are loved. Oh so very loved, just for being - not for doing, achieving, performing, looking or acting - just being. Instead of fitting into a mold that makes you feel smaller and smaller with each day, take a step back and do, choose, think, feel the thinks that make you come ALIVE. Truly bursting with love and light. It could be something really small that no one know about but my dear, focus on how you want to feel and let that lead your way.

You’ll have the relationships, status and abundance - now worries there but you want to start with a strong, loving, grounded and trusting foundation. The universe will give you want you ask for so be careful for what feelings you're putting out there.

Also pay attention to how people or ‘friends’ make you feel - their issues or energy are not worth - I repeat - not worth your own happiness. It is their journey and responsibility to heal themselves - not yours.

Lastly, you are not victim to your own body or just for simply being a woman. She in all her inherent wisdom is teaching you the cycles of life itself. Where and how to course correct in the upcoming month. Remember you (and your body) are sacred. No one can take that away from you. If you truly believed that you and your body are sacred, how your you treat, take care of yourself differently?


All my love,