intentional outer health

A lot of my clients are actually very health conscious, BA women who “know how” to workout and get in shape like no one’s biz. They’ve got a lot on their plates and wellness + working out is just another thing to cross of that list. But myself included, get to a point where what we always did pushing and pushing - striving for what we ‘should’ be doing to be healthy but something feels off.

The truth is, you can be extremely unhappy and uncomfortable fit or fat.

I’m sure we would all love to say it was some higher spiritual calling that initially led you down the path to skinnyville. I know that I honestly just hated the way I looked. Thought that green smoothies and quinoa would solve all my issues.



As my perfectionist self loved, I got there. But my peak physical ideal eventually wasn’t enough (tried my best not to admit it at the time), I noticed I was still cranky, anxious, perfectionist, jealous, holding grudges, codependent and well, still felt like shit. Yes I went down to my ideal jean size again but man my stomach was still bloated no matter what I ate and never felt so alone and angry at the same time.

What I did (and help my clients with) was to start to look at the underpinnings of why I wanted to be healthy. The results were in and I was trying to pull my self esteem and worth from just my body.

Subconsciously like a lot of women, I was holding on to the belief that if my body wasn’t perfect - then my life and even myself weren’t good enough. In order to ‘have it all’: the relationship, the house, the career, the Instagram - I had to look good or they would go away.

I needed to loosen up and expand the areas of my entire life that healthily contributed to my self esteem and worth - not just my body.

So I cut down the obsessive fitness, let up on my super stringent diet and dug deep into what brought me joy, pleasure or in other words what lit me up.

When we take a step back look at our end goal: “lose those 10 lbs before my wedding” or “get rid of adult acne”, we also need to address the 'whys' or the underlying reasons we want this... Look, getting healthy is never a bad thing! We just want it to not only be fun along the way but also set you up for success and sustainable change.

My point is this: Intention behind anything you do is actually more important than what you are doing… Coming at your healthy goals from a place of “I love, honor and value myself” rather than “if I don’t get in shape, I’ll never be enough” makes a world of difference. Lastly, I’m happy to say that I’m almost just as fit as I used to be but now my joy, pleasure and happiness are overflowing.

Loren CellentaniComment