3 Ways to Heal Your Acne + Say Goodbye to those Sugar Cravings

Holidays + NYE are a time of joy and quality time with family for better of for worse. And whether we are stressed, coping or just temped to indulge, here are 3 things you can do today to get your skin back to its glowing shape.


Because we've all had a few too many Christmas cookies than we would like to admit.. 


Yes, we all know how bad gluten, sugar and junk food is for our internal health but what gets you back into eating healthy faster than clear skin?Overdosing on sugar has always done wonders in not such a good way for my skin. I always know its time to rein it back in when my face (and back and shoulders) look more like a lit Christmas tree than I would like to admit. Not want we want for the annual holiday card picture.

This prepubescent flood of acne is what I have lovingly came to call 'sugar face'. 




1. Just drink more water, really...






Is it over booking your day, stressing about holidays or something as simple as drinking more water? Really, its that easy folks! Staying hydrated not only can help you say no to that Christmas cookie but also fills up that stomach so you aren't actually as hungry! Your body is over 70% water, so give the lady what she needs!





2. Pre-plan your attack





Whether it's that annoying co-worker bringing in 12+ days of Christmas treats or your family gathering. Make sure you come up with a plan of food ahead of times. What helps me the most in an office setting is to always pack lunch plus extra snacks. So when there is a glimmer of temptation you can sit back, take a breath and tell yourself "I already have what I need/what". 




3. Eat the good stuff





It can be super overwhelming when thinking of cutting something out of your diet - it's hard to know where to start but by focusing JUST on what to add in you can actually make a sustainable shift.

I'm a huge proponent of replacing the old habit with a healthy one. Start adding in more naturally sweet vegetables and fruit. Eating more sweet potatoes can do wonders on relieving that sweet urge. My fave sweet tater trick is scooping out a baked sweet potato into a bowl and adding in a moderate amount (like a tablespoon) of peanut or almond butter, dash of salt and as much cinnamon as you'd like. Yum!

Eating probiotic rich foods - I'm sure you all have the same picture of your grandma's gross sauerkraut you were force fed as a child. Anyone? Well, regardless of childhood traumas adding in fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut or kefir help re balance your digestive system. Or if drinks are more your thing try picking up a kombucha tea in the health foods store or coconut kefir. These both will do the trick.

Why does this work? Our gut is make up with more foreign cells/bacteria than your own. When the balance gets out of whack you are more than likely crave more sweets to feed the bad bacteria and yeast. By adding in more good bacteria you can rebalance the bad and actually kill those pesky cravings once and for all. 

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