Why You Should Continually Ground Yourself

This blog was on my list to write for today but of course divine intervention happened and one of my clients told me a story of her recurring dream last night:

No matter what dream she’s having, she’ll start trying to walk, run then full on panic sprint ahead but she’s not going anywhere no matter how hard she tries. As she leans forward in determined movement forward, she actually starts to lift off the round and starts to float away. And no matter what she tries, she keeps uncontrollably flying up and up where she’s up a couple of miles above her dream scene. Leaving her panicked, insecure, out of control and unable to relax.


Now she’s been continually working on keeping herself grounded and in a positive head space. Sometimes when we are not grounded, the anxious and self defeating thoughts just start pouring in and our sense of control and calm seems to just float away with no sense of returning in the foreseeable future.


Emotional signs you might need to ground

Anxious or fearful

Disconnected from your body

Can’t focus or bad attention span

Money issues


Fear of change

Clinging on to security

Have trouble or simply cannot relax

Need to be strong/in control

Physical signs you might need to ground

Not only does this wreck havoc on your emotional health but also can pop up physically if not addressed. My client mentions above not only is she motivated for overall emotional health but she’s trying to heal her chronic lower back pain. But don’t worry, your body is simply just trying to remind you to ground… your body is smarter than your give it credit for!

Constantly cold feet (aka always need to wear socks!)

Digestive or intestinal issues

Lower back pain

3 tricks to keep yourself grounded

Here’s some my own personal tried and true alternative solutions that I've found in addition to working through your underlying beliefs really help keep me on track and grounded:

1. Using extra blankets and socks while sleeping - I thought it was the weirdest thing for my entire life - I needed to sleep with socks on. Yes, even in the middle of the summer. The more I ground myself and learn about it, the more it made sense because the socks or weighted blankets on your legs + feet provide a feeling of grounding or security. Just like in the dream story earlier in the blog, the blankets keep you from floating away like the house from the movie UP. Simple solution is to take an extra blanket and fold it up a couple of times and lay it only over your feet and legs. 


2. I want to be in my body - When I feel myself floating away mentally, I like to make two fists and pull my arms towards my chest. Kind of like a reverse fist pumppulling myself back down to Earth. While I do this, I consciously think of wanting to come back into my body or quiet literally saying “I am in my body” or “I love being in my body”. This helps bring your awareness back down to earth and helps you recenter + ground.


3. Essential Oils - when you wake up (and or go to bed) place a few drops of grounding essential oils on the bottom of your feet. As you rub the oil in, it’s not only going to smell great but also start sending signals throughout your entire body to ground. I personally use doterra's grounding blend called, Balance. If you want to order or learn more about essential oils you can click here >>

Ingredients: Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, and Osmanthus Flower essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Aromatic Description :Airy, fresh, sweet, woody


Signs you are grounded AF

Comfortable in your body

Feel supported + secure

Realization that the bad experiences actually have meaning and great significance to teach you where to heal. 

Able to easily relax

I myself for years (even after diving head first into self help and spirituality) heard that I should to continually ground myself.

I knew what it meant but simply envisioning my roots growing from my feet deep into the ground wasn’t really helping me long term. The tools provided above really help but you have to also address and heal the underlying issues and beliefs. If you want to learn more about how to do this, I am excited to announce a soon to be released online course that will focus around all of this! Sign up here for the waiting list >>

As always, I would love to hear what you thought about the blog but more importantly, how are you dealing with keeping grounded? Shoot me an email or comment below: