Eat for How You Want to Feel

We've all had those long days or just another case PMS where all diets, restrictions and inhibitions about what we eat are thrown out the fucking window. In these or maybe a little less dramatic moments, we eat based on how we currently feel.

When you feel like crap, chances are you'll eat more of it.

Hang with me here, instead of immediately folding at any sign of stress take an oh so tiny step back. Pause. And think about why you are wanting to eat that (fill in the blank junk) food.

Why am I eating this?


Does eating this make me feel how I want to feel?

strong, light, vibrant, grounded or vivacious?

Or will this make me feel the exact opposite of how I want to feel?

When working with my clients, we of course set their 'in a dream world' health goals (weight loss, clearing up acne, more energy, etc) but the main focus is on when they achieve said goals, how will that make them feel? By focusing on the feeling rather than the end result it makes it much easier to start working our way to that goal. The end goal becomes irrelevant because we aren't really chasing after that physical result. What we really want is what that result brings us, all of the good feels! When we are able to consistently get into that headspace of making decisions based on how you want to feel, the goal is automatically met. 

Because the truth is that we didn't get to where we are today by just one choice or one meal. Each day we make probably thousands of decisions and bites. So I will leave you with this, long term what do you want to sink your teeth into?

Now, I'd love to hear from you! What are your health goals or feelings you want to bring into your dream life? Comment below or drop me a line!

Loren CellentaniComment