Date your.... food?

We’ve all heard the self help phrase thrown all around the internet, “date yourself”. While this is cheesy (and I am a big proponent of it), I have a new cheeky catch phrase for ya, “date your food”. Basically, this is another way to bring in mindfulness into your life + diet. Let’s go break this down into what kind of relationship do you want to be in?


(food) relationship goals:

Someone who looks forward to see + spend time with me:

Actually enjoy the food I’m eating

Planning our next date ahead of time - not last minute scramble on what to do:

Meal + grocery prep

Takes the time to ask me how I’m doing:

Take my time eating/chewing each bite

After each time spent together, they leave me in a good mood:

Each meal makes me feel good and not like a piece of crap

A grateful partner for me just being mE:

Thanking my food each meal for what it’s providing me

(food) Relationship Issues:

One night stanD:

Do you like it quick, greasy and might leaving your insides burning?

Dragging your feet in a bad relationship:

Never knowing what you should buy, cook, eat, etc leaving you with a whole lot of hangry resentment.

Online Dating Addiction:

Are you addicted to swipping/pinning all the good looking meals or foods but never find ‘the one’ that you actually want to sustain a relationship with?  


Think of it this way:

No matter what kind of issues you are having with your diet + wellness you just need change your perspective.

Dare to date your food.


questions to ponder + comment below:

How would this change your habits or meals this week VS last?

Would it reveal any deeper issues of how you care and love yourself?


Lastly, going to leave you with the oh so wise words of RuPaul...

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