Are You Damsel In Distressed Out Mode?

transformation always requires some tough love.

Wish it was different but we usually don’t change (or take action) out of inspiration alone but rather in moments of desperation.

One day you just wake up and everything has crumbled - whether it’s a job, relationship, health, anxiety - doesn’t matter what it is - you feel like a piece of crap and extremely lost. The way things are no longer work for you.



It’s here at this moment of hanging out with darkness, your old friend, is where the potential of magical transformation lives.




If you truly want a better life - radical transformation - the first thing that needs to happen is stepping out of the victim role. It’s easy to stick around in this role when everything around you seems horrible and unbearable but when you shift your perspective from life is happening to me to you are creating your own life.


Something profound happens, you take on the divine responsibility of your present, past and future reality.


You are no longer the innocent victim bystander or punching bag for life but now are an angelic being floating on the river of life. Sound good so far? But how do we take that leap out of victimhood? Seems a little too simple to just snap your fingers and change your perspective, right?


Let me explain it this way: Just as one meal didn’t make you fat but continual choices each day, each meal, led to the creation of that body. On the positive flip side when you start to add more greens, veggies and fruit into each day, each meal, over time all the junk food gets crowded out and you are on your way to losing the weight and transforming your body.

Your thoughts and perspective are the same thing. Just like something like yoga or Tai Chi - it’s a practice and the more you actually practice the easier it will become and flow. Retraining your old programming (even if you want it so badly you can taste it) will take some time and will encounter bumps, lumps and icky parts. Don’t let those dark and shadowy parts cast over the positive change and movement forward. And that’s completely okay and normal.

Instead take it moment to moment by asking:


Will this decision, meal, person in this moment make me feel the way I want to feel?

If the answer is no - keep on walking

If the answer is hells yeah - bite on in


But more than likely you are probably somewhere in the middle - “well it looks good on paper but maybe, not sure… What do you think I should do - I have no idea”

This my friends in a sign of victim damsel in distressed out mode and you are in a need of a tune up.



Comment below or email me how you are doing with this paradigm.

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