Crave What?!

With the ebbs and flow of life (aka stress eating), we’ve all been there before where we just absolutely need that chocolate chip cookie or maybe those extra greasy salt and vinegar chips. In those moments of pure primordial urges of unworldly proportions, what’s really going on inside?

Let’s take a two prong approach here to the ‘inside’ of the cravings: what is your body missing out on nutritionally by craving those foods but also what’s going on inside your mind?

Change your body: What your body is possibly deficient in

Foods to add into your diet to supplement


Sugar + Chocolate: Chromium, Carbon Phosphorus, Sulfur, Tryptophan


Add more cruciferous veggies: Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts


Fatty: Calcium


Kale, Legumes, Spinach, Broccoli, Kelp


Carbs: Nitrogen


Eat more high protein foods




Take a Epsom Salt bath and or add in some Magnesium (Mg)

My go-to dream team supplement under stress is Magnesium. This is the reason why people say dark chocolate is healthy - super high in Mg! So when your body is telling you to grab that bar of chocolate, it’s a good thing - LISTEN. Instead, pop some magnesium. Or another fun way to unwind is to take an epsom salt bath with (your favorite essential oil) to soak up a ton of Mg.

So why you crave other sugary things when you are lacking in the Mg department? It’s because your body actually produces Mg through the kidneys when you over indulge in that sugary treat.

Change your mind:

Is it really just as easy as saying no?

Another in the moment trick I like to use is the simple changing of words. Instead of telling yourself you “can’t” eat that bagel, instead change your works to I “don’t” eat bagels. That simple but powerful trick has been proven to be 3x more effective than just saying no alone and about 8x more effective than saying “I can’t” from the wonderful of Dr. Vanessa Patrick of University of Houston.



I’d love to hear from you - what’s your top guilty pleasures and why are these holding you back from your own goals. Do you struggle with eating things that you know you feel so much better without? Leave me a comment below or send me a message >>.