Your body is on the spiritual journey, you’re not.

Your body is on the spiritual journey, you’re not.

The ‘woke’ crowd has a tendency to belittle the body. As if it is merely just a flesh container for our divine beings and easily cast it aside like a piece of trash (okay, maybe upgraded to a piece of recycled paper on a good day). What if your body is actually the most spiritual thing about you?

No matter your beliefs or religious background - we can all agree that there is somewhere else other than earth that our energetic being/souls come from. Heaven, the universe, source, God - whatever you call it. And we in return are filled with this ‘spirit’ and at one point or another will be returned to that divine origin.

My belief and take on why we are physically in existence in our bodies may turn all your spirituality on its head. Anyone’s purpose on earth is growth and our bodies are specially designed in the physical for us to keep learning and learning again.


Because, our bodies allow us to feel it all.


The contrast is key - because we (our divine spark inside of all of us) already know all there is to know but our bodies are here for us feel those lessons/knowings/teachings. When things are always lovey-dovey feel good, wouldn’t it be hard to actually learn anything new?

When we give our bodies the space, the time, the resources to heal. Magic happens.

Your divine relationship with your body isn’t any different than any other relationship in your life. Holding space for others is the most sacred intimate gift. What would change if you looked at your body like from a mindset of “How may I help you”? When you can honor your body’s process you are able to be in a relationship together without being triggered. Imagine telling your body “thank you and I hear you”.

So next time you have an issue in life, health, career, relationships, anything flip your script. Not to blame your body but to merely see that You (divine being) are along for the ride, your body’s ride of this life. When you get cramps, bloated, find a new zit or stretch mark - try to hold a more sacred space for your body rather than throwing some shade. What would your inner talk sound like? Would you do anything differently?

Respect the physical body.

Respect the process.

Give the body the time it needs and you will be in divine union together.