I'm Here to Teach You to Become Your Own Master Coach

I'm back after a little post/blogging hiatus but wanted to share my new coaching and life direction with all of ya'll.

I still love making my green smoothie and roasted root veggies but we are switching the focus from meal plans to more meditation and mindfulness. Because I've found through my own life but also fellow clients lives that you can eat your body weight in kale each day but if your inner mind, self talk, worry, anxiety are overtaking your life then even kale can't save your ass. 

I've been guilty at times of following too strict of a diet. Sometimes screaming out "GLUTEN" as if it was the plague reincarnate.


But my point is this anyone can follow a 30 day detox plan but what do you do the rest of the 11 months of the year? Follow someone else's plan for the perfect diet? Together we grab from those nuggets of diet wisdom in combo with life cycles and your own inner guidance figure out not only how to intuitively feed yourself but how to recalibrate your inner guidance navigation system back on route. 

Because you are NEVER going to always be happy, 100% compliant with Whole30 or workout everyday and that's OKAY. I eat sugar, gluten and only workout a couple of times a week now and have never felt better. Bet you never thought you would hear that from the health coach horse's mouth. 

My mission is this: I'm not here to give you a strict and stringent meal and exercise plan to follow. My main goal is to show you how to dive into your inner self, see the underlying issues and learn how to coach yourself out of it. Really it's that simple.

By the time our coaching time together is complete,  I want you to become your OWN health + wellness coach because there is nothing stronger than a woman who is aware of her emotions, body and her needs. She's unstoppable and glows brighter than she ever has before.